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"A player without fundamentals, is like Basketball without a hoop."

Coach Joao Costa (JC)

Coach JC


I have been gaining experience with some of the best coaches.
Bob Hill of the Seattle Supersonics said one thing to me and it is very true. "We are all students of the game and we should not stop learning everyday."
That is exactly how I feel. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to study and work with some of the best coaches in the USA. It is my hope and desire to continue to gain experience as a coach, mentor, tutor, counselor and friend.

Coach JC

About Coach JC

"It is my primary goal to assist players in becoming better athletes by helping them maximize their athletic potential.

I strive to give athletes the confidence in their skills so that they can reach their potential."
Coach JC

Coach DaCosta at

It was a pleasure to meet the legendary Bobby Knight!
I learned a lot from him but what touched me the most was his up-front honesty with no hypocrisy. An excellent human being with a big heart. And to be next to him while he coached his team.. was the best coaching experience I have ever had.
He gave me good advise and wished me good luck... what he said to me was, " don't be afraid of what you don't know, but what you know be simple and honest." I think these are good words to live by.

I wish him all the best!

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These Drills
Are From my NEW Book
Let Me Play, Coach!
Wing Shooting Drill
Touch The Cone Shooting Drill
Touch Second Cone Shooting Drill
Hand-Off Full Court Shooting Drill
Reverse Shooting Drill
Two–On-Two Full Court Shooting Drill
Twice Shooting Drill
Give Me “ 5“ Shooting Drills
Touch Baseline Shooting Drill
Loop Around Flare Shooting Drill
Loop Around Wing Shooting Drill
Loop Around Baseline Shooting Drill
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Free-Throw Line
STAX Offense
Fast Break
Secondary Break
Press Break
Umbrella Press Breaker
Sideline Out-of-Bounds
Baseline Out-of-Bounds
Half Court Offense
Diamonds Baseline Out-of-Bounds
Baseline Attack vs Zone
Zone Offense Drills
Attacking Pressure Drills
Motion Drills
Stack Tempo Series
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Rebounding Drills
Transition Defense
Full Court Press
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Basketball Camps & Clinics
Learn about JCbasketballhoops Camps & Clinics

Here are just a few of my drills.
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Live NBA

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Coach JC featured at
WORLD of Basketball

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Book Review

Exciting News!!!

Coach JC's book, I'm Helping You, Coach! was just selected and reviewed by Radio Sports Director Scott Lynn of 1190 KEX Portland Oregon.

  1190 KEX Oregon  Click on BOOK REVIEWS
Look for I'm Helping You, Coach!

Coach JC's received a copy of the review.

Italian Basket Camp 2007
 Flag of Italy

Coach JC had great success in Italy ... with his basketball clinic, promoting his books, coaching players, and meeting wonderful coaches.

Congratulations to director Daniele Aniello
Basket 2007 was a tremendous success!

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Italian Basket 2007

Coach JC heads to USBA!
Bruce O'Neil, President of United States Basketball Academy has invited Coach JC to visit.
This is one of the best Basketball Academy in the USA.

For those teams looking for an academy with the best trainers and spacious facility; Coach JC highly recommends the USBA.

To see more about USBA and Coach JC's visit
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Coach DaCosta
Coach JC with Coach Eric Mussellman.
Coach Musselman is a very impressive and exciting coach. I like his energy and his hands on approach to teaching and running his team. His basketball program is outstanding and one of the best.
He was very kind to me and always eager to respond to my questions. I really appreciate his kindness.
Coach Eric.. thank you for having me.

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Coach DaCosta

I meet Coach Bob Hill and I was very impressed with his teaching abilities especially foot work.
There were moments we talked about the system and the future of the NBA and the foreign players becoming a big part of the NBA.
He was a very humble and kind man and I wish him good luck!
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Coach JC featured at

Coach JC is featured at The Coach's Clipboard:

In the Defense section
Defending the Pick & Roll

In the Plays, Buzzer Beaters section Last Second Situations

In the Press Defense section Trapping with a Trailer Defender

In the Drills, Defensive Drills section 1-on-1 Defense

I am very happy for my basketball to be recognized by this site.

Another NEW book Coming Soon!
These are outstanding workout drills with ball that I am sure coaches will be happy to have.

by: Coach Joao Costa "JC"

Jump Ball Plays
by: Coach Joao Costa "JC"
These are excellent plays that are easy to teach, easy to learn, and easy to execute!

Jump Ball Plays

JC Basketball Plays
Here is a new set of plays that I am sure will help you beat the half court 3-2 zone defense.

Attacking the 3-2 Zone

Attacking 1-3-1 Full Court
Zone Press
by: Coach Joao Costa (JC)

Attacking 1-3-1 Full Court Zone Press

Attacking Zone 2-3 Defense
by: Coach Joao Costa (JC)
Can we screen against any zone defense?
YES; Of course we can!

One aspect of offense that is often lost is playing againt zone is the use of the screen. When used properly, the screen can be efective against a zone defense. Read More...

Attacking 2-3 Zone Defense

JC Basketball Plays
JCPlays 1
Zone Offense, Transition Offense, and Quick Shot Plays

Baseline Plays, Sideline Plays, and Attacking the Full Court Press Plays

Coach JC Is FIBA Certified Coach!

Congratulations to Coach K and the USA Olympic Team!

Congratulation to Coach Mike Krzyzewski and the 2008 USA Gold medal Basketball Team.

I learned so much from Coach K and it is an honor to have his photo of inspiration in my book
I'm Helping You, Coach!

Coach JC coached
North Texas Fresh, ABA League

It was a pleasure to coach the North Texas Fresh ABA team in Dallas Texas. They are a wonderful club; owner and player Jay Bowdy is exceptional. Thank you for having me as your head coach. I hope to be back in Dallas to coach again.

More about North Texas Fresh!

Transition Defense
After A Missed Free Throw

by Coach JC

Here are some simple keys to playing solid transition defense.

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Attacking the Full Court Press

by Coach JC

Here are some good plays for teams that rely strongly on their point guard during full court press man-to-man.

by Coach JC

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Click Here for Part 2

Jamal Crawford
Professional Summer League

NBA's Jamal Crawford with Coach JC at his ProAM Seattle League 2010.

Coach JC is head coach of team Bulls this years at the ProAm Summer League in Seattle Washington.

Coach JC and NBA's Nate Robinson

NBA player Nate Robinson (Boston Celtics) playing for Coach JC!

NBA's Terrance Williams, New Jersey Nets and
Boston Celtics' Nate Robinson playing for Coach JC.

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Coach JC coaching at NBA's Jamal Crawford Summer League - with Brandon Roy, Portland Trailblazers.

Jamal Crawford
Professional Summer League

2009 Pro Summer League in Seattle Washington.

For more about the Jamal Crawford Summer League 2009
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This is a fantastic book that will help you prepare for the last seconds of the game.

by Coach JC

Attacking the 1-3-1 Half Court Press
by:Coach Joao Costa (JC)
The 1-3-1 Half Court Trap is one of the most difficult zone defense to attack. I believe these plays are very effective to defeat that defense if you practice.

Attacking 1-3-1 Half Court Press

FullCourt Press Break
by:Coach Joao Costa (JC)
This press breaker works extremely well against teams that pressure the inbound pass.

FullCourt Press Break

Running Fast Break
by: Coach Joao Costa (JC)
Here are some fast break plays that may help you while you are building your team's fast break abilities. You can use these fast break plays after a rebound, turnover, or even a made shot.

Running Fast Break

Coach JC featured at the

Coach JC is featured at
The Coach's Clipboard
in the Drills, Defensive Drills section for his 1-on-1 defense drills.

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I am very proud to have my basketball on the best website for coaches in the USA.

Coach JC's makes the NEWS!

Coach JC's articles and drills are in several US Newspapers.

See the links below!

San Fransisco Gate

Basketball Daily World

Sports Beyond

Defensive Situations
By Coach JC

Trapping with a Trailer Defender
By Coach JC

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Zone Press
By Coach JC

Attacking a Full Court
Zone Press 1-2-1-1,
By Coach JC

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Zone Press
By Coach JC

How to beat a Full Court
Zone Press 2-2-1,
By Coach JC

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Attacking a 1-3-1 Half Court Trap
By Coach JC

This half court press attack offense works great against those half court zone traps.

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Plays by Coach JC

Here are some plays from Head Coach JC. I hope you enjoy them.

There are more coming soon!

  • Sideline Out of Bounds

  • Baseline Out of Bounds

  • Half Court Offense

  • Post Plays

  • Attacking Zone 2 - 3

  • Baseline Plays - Last Seconds

  • Sideline Playes - Last Seconds

  • Press Break - Last Seconds

  • Attacking Full Court Press

  • Jump Ball Plays

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    Attacking Full Court Press
    Man-to-Man Defense
    By Coach JC

    Attacking Full Court Press
    Man-to-Man Defense

    by Coach JC

    Defending the Pick and Roll
    by Coach JC

    Here are some tactics to defend against the Pick and Roll
    by Coach JC
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    Last Second Plays
    by Coach JC

    Here are some plays that
    will help you for the
    Last Second Situations of the game.
    by Coach JC

  • Last Second Plays

  • Coach JC - Head Coach of the Memphis Tornadoes

    A Message From Tornadoes General Manager Click Here!

    Memphis Sports Central

    Memphis WBA League

    Coach JC with Legendary NBA Player - Penny Hardaway

    Coach JC selected
    August 2008
    #1 USA Magazine
    for Coaching Professionals
    Coach & Athletic Director

    Build Effective Players by Sharpening Their Fundamentals
    by Coach Joao da Costa

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