Attacking 1-3-1 Full Court Zone Press

Add consistency to your practice by utilizing these multi-purpose press breaker. I created this set of plays to provide coaches with options to defeat the zone press 1-3-1.

I hope these tips and techniques will help you achieve success beating the 1-3-1 Full Court Zone Press.

Remember, practice is the best way to ensure every single player understands their role so during the game no one is panicking.


Step One
Player 2 screens against 1ís defender then pops out to the middle of the court.
Player 1 breaks to the ballside wing to get the inbound pass.
Player 3 cuts high to opposite wing.
Player 5 slides to the center line.
Player 4 goes deep sideline looking for the over head pass from 1.
If player 4 gets the ball he will drive to the hoop or lob to 5 for a dunk.

Note: When player 2 screens against 1ís defender it will take away the double trap. If defender X3 follows 4 then 1 can advance the ball down the court.
Good quick passes will break the press.


Step Two
If player 1 decides to pass to the middle of the zone, in this case to 2.
Player 2 advance down the court or passes to 3 who is wide open.
This should be a fast, easy break,between 2 and 3, one of them should find 4 or 5 to score.


Here is another way to break the press.
Option One
At same time players 2 and 5 screen against 1ís defender.
Player 5 cuts toward the ball and 1 opens up to opposite corner.
Player 3 inbounds the ball to 5, then runs down to sideline.
Player 2 stays in the middle of the court.
Player 4 breaks to the left sideline to spread the defense.
Player 5 catches the ball and immediately looks for 3.
If player 3 is not available, player 5 hit 2 in the middle.

Note: If player 2 gets the pass in the middle he can go all do way to the hoop or look to pass to 3 or 4 to score.


Option Two
Player 3 inbounds the ball to 1.
Player X2 will closeout against 1.
Player 1 executes over head pass to 4 or if not available passes to 2 at middle.
If player 2 gets the ball he then brings the ball down to attack the basket with 5 or 4.
Player 3 stays back as safety option.


All players are moving simultaneously.
Player 1 starts the play by breaking deep to sideline.
Player 3 drops to baseline and 2 crosses toward the ball.
Player 5 cuts deep to opposite sideline.
Player 4 inbounds the ball to 2 then cuts high to the middle of the court.
Player 2 either dribbles down the court or looks for 1 or 4.
If 4 gets the pass he then looks for 1, who cuts to the center line.
If 3 gets the ball he looks to advance the ball or passes to either 5 or 4.


One Up
Player 1 back screen against 5ís defender and pops out to the sideline.
Player 3 quick inbounds to 5 and 5 reverse to 1.
Player 1 attacks the basket.
If player 2 gets the inbound pass he looks for 3 or 4 to start the break.

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