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Bayi Fubang Basketball Club from CHINA
Head Coach Adi Jiang

Coach JC had the pleasure to talk to Coach Jiang and was very impressed with his knowledge of basketball. He is a very good coach with the ability to teach as well as motivate his players. His team really represents Chinese basketball very well with good and talented players.
Coach JC had the chance to watch the Chinese team play so well and so good against a US team.
I wish Coach Adi Jiang and his team all the best next season!
Asst. Coach for Team Bayi
He use to be one of the best basketball players in China and as an assistant coach he is very consistent in teaching and correcting the players. It is always good to have a reliable assistant coach. AND having a previous player like him to show and share his lessons learned is exteremly valuable.

I enjoyed Coach Litzenberger's practices and training with the team from China.

Bayi Fubang Team at Practice & Training

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