About Coach JC
Coach JC was a professional basketball player in Europe. He has also been coaching in the Seattle area for several years at the college level. He has been traveling extensively throughout the States improving his coaching techniques with some of the top coaches in the NCAA. [ Photo Gallery]

NOW Coach JC travels around the world assisting coaches by conducting coaches clinics and teaching players with basketball camps. Here are just a few of the drills Coach JC uses during his basketball camps.

Coach JC brings his own unique drills and the techniques for teaching drills to all his clinics and camps. Teaching is not telling. Watching how to do a skill is not as valuable as trying the new skill. Coach JC actively teaches new skills by demonstrating the specific skill, he breaks the skill into easily repeated sections, runs drills that emphasis those specific sections then moves into game speed and begins to try the new skill live. Coach JC helps athletes perform skills accurately and recognizes what needs to be corrected if the skills do not accomplish the players desired results.

Philosophy of JCBasketballhoop CAMPS & CLINICS
Coach JC developed his training camp to provide an opportunity for players to build on and expand their fundamental basketball skills.

An emphasis is placed on individual basketball skills and development as well as team playing and interaction.

Coach JC provides a positive, serious, active and aggressive week of training and skills building.

Players will be encouraged to participate in the daily training and practical scrimmages designed to improve their individual skills.
Emphasis is placed on:
  • Building fundamental basketball skills
  • Developing offensive skills
    • Skill Development
    • Build speed
    • Increase agility
  • Improving quickness and balance
  • A complete workout that emphasizes skill development and team interaction.

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